STATUS: OPEN!Currently working on:
1. Celico: Ref Sheet/Sprite set (Base;Paid)
2. NekoNat: Fullbody x2 (Base)
3. Ina: Bust x2
4. Lunaeria: ? x2
5. Kani: Bust x2
6. Mintyberry: Icon x2
7. Xillball: Fullbody x2 (Mid-July)
Thank you for your interest in commissioning me!
I hope to make things easy for you!!
If you have any questions, feel free to DM me on Twitter @OpheliasAria or Discord ophie#1797 !!General Rules! PLEASE READ!
>I take half or full payment for commissions after the initial sketch is presented.
>Rush fee is 10% of the total price for your commission.>PayPal is HIGHLY PREFERRED!! I am willing to negotiate methods and/or pricing.>I will NOT accept requests for major changes once I am finished base coloring. During the lining/sketch phase it is okay!>Currently, I do not charge extra for commercial use!I WILL NOT DRAW
-Furries (Animal features on a human is ok!)
-Hardcore gore/porn (Blood/injuries and nudity are ok as long as the character is 18+)
-Anything containing hateful speech or homophobia, transphobia, ableism, xenophobia

A friendly chibi for all your chibi needs!! Currently, I only do fullbodies.PRICES
$20 for a fullbody, full-shaded chibi
(Please ask if you don't want shading! It will be discounted)EXAMPLES

Reactive PNGs for your Vtuber or other endeavors !! This includes:
1 Closed mouth, 1 open mouth, and 2 blinks (one open mouth and one closed mouth)
$30 for mentioned above ^
+$5 per extra expression
(Side note! I highly recommend the Veadotube software for PNGTubers! Not a paid ad or anything it's just super neat)EXAMPLES

Classic style, fully lined, fully shaded!
For a regular commission, I will send you updates on the initial sketch, lines, flat color, and initial finished version! You are always 100% okay to tell me if anything needs changed at any moment!
Note! If you're looking to get art done for a song cover and want me to imitate a certain style, I may discount or raise these prices depending on the simplicity/complexity of the artstyle!PRICES
Thigh Up-$36
Full body-$48
Each additional character is another 6/8/13/16 $!EXAMPLES

"Ophelia, I want to commission you! How do I do it?"
Look no further!!
I'd like to make this process easy for you, so I have multiple options to choose from!!
1. You can fill out my Google Form!! (Click here!)
I'll reach out to you via whichever social media you prefer!
2. You can DM me on Twitter (@OpheliasAria), Discord (ophie#1797) or email me ([email protected])!
When you message me, please tell me what kind of commission (sketch, regular) you like, what size (icon, bust, etc.), and as much details about the character(s) as possible!
That's virtually it! If you have any questions about anything, please feel free to ask!! I promise I'm friendly!